Crown Devon

I love this little milk jug that I recently purchased in the local charity shop. I decided to find out a little more about Crown Devon Pottery.

Fielding  (S. FIELDING & CO. (LTD))

c.1870–1967 (Inc. 1905)
Simon Fielding established the business of earthenware manufacture in about 1870at the Devon Pottery, Stoke. It met financial difficulties and in 1878 or 1879 Fielding’s son Abraham joined the business, becoming the driving force behind its expansion and phenomenal later success.
After Abraham Fielding died in 1932, his son Arthur Ross Fielding took control of the pottery. When he  died in 1947  control of the company passed to his son Reginald Ross Fielding. In 1963 Donald Kitchener Bailey purchased a share in the Fielding business and joined Reginald Fielding as a joint managing director. The company acquired Shorter & Son Ltd in 1964 when the A. J. Wilkinson companies were dispersed. Reginald Fielding retired in 1967 and his interest in the business was purchased by Donald Bailey. Bailey died in 1971 and his widow sold the business in 1976 to a Liverpool-based accounting firm. Unfortunately mounting losses caused the closure of the business in 1982.

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